Hi everyone

It’s been a while!  It was late December and then I turn around and we are approaching May!!

Apologies for the long silence … we figured out how you could leave comments now so please feel free to say hi.

So while I have been away from TFB I have had a thousands of ‘comments’ (nearly 4000!).  99.9% of these comments are from people who want to ‘help’ TFB to gain exposure to a wider audience.  But really … as we all know, the motivation of these comments are self-serving.  I am really sorry if I deleted some genuine comments and apologise that I hadn’t replied to them but given the thousands of spam comments I applied a bulk action.

Just like weeds, they (spam) are unintended but a natural occurrence while wanting to grow something worthwhile.  My friend is expecting her baby next month and she’s had a few ‘comments’ that haven’t been that helpful.  The journey of her pregnancy is more sensitive than most as her last pregnancy ended without the usual expected outcome.

I guess we learn to let go as we progress in life, hold on to what is worth holding on to and let go of the rest.

If you have had a few ‘weeds’, as it says on an ad here in NZ, ‘spray and walk away!’.

BTW – I intend to stay current with my weeding on TFB from now on!

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