I just made the mistake of going onto the Give A Little website (a donation website for causes in NZ) and looking through the pages.

It’s so challenging to scroll through family after family and their plights, many of which involve children who have passed away or are facing dim future life prospects or parents who have passed leaving behind young children and a spouse.

It makes me be very grateful for what I have.

It makes me reflect on the hope I have and why I believe, in the face of such suffering.

It’s a conundrum really.

How can you believe in the hope that arrived at Christmas while staring straight into the face of suffering?

I guess I’m wondering if anyone would start a ‘Give A Little’ page for Jesus.  Would anyone?  What would his profile say?

A 33 year old carpenter from Nazareth, falsely accused of things he never did, sentenced to severe torture before death without dignity on a cross to which he is to be impaled in public execution.  Please donate to help his mum and brothers who are left behind, to help with funeral and general expenses.

My hope remains, because my God suffered and died a painful, disrespectful death.  He knows, more than anyone what these families face.  And even though we wrestle with the whys??? and how ‘good’ people have bad stuff happen to them … we don’t see what He sees and we don’t have the answers.

I trust the one who died for me.  I trust that He ‘gets it’, and when I’m undone that he can whisper in my ear ‘I know’ …



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