Two Lines

A friend of mine is pregnant again – pregnant after a full term stillbirth nearly a year ago.

I have known the fear, caution and censored hope that comes with the pregnancy test.  A stick with two lines that feels like a tsunami.

It’s a mirror, a mirror we don’t want to look into because it shows us our pain and every day is a reminder of what once was and how it used to be.

What I want to say to my amazingly brave friend and to anyone reading is … make a choice.  The mirror doesn’t move but we can, we can choose to look to something else and not to the fear in the mirror that’s taunting.  We can choose to look away, to look to Him and to look anywhere else where there is inspiration or hope.  Wrestle your thoughts to the ground.

I’m serious.

Wrestle your thoughts to the ground, the only fruit of fear is a paralysis of heart, soul, mind and body and you need your heart, soul and mind to be strong to have a strong body.

It’s not easy, that’s why I said it’s a wrestling match.

Every day.  


Fight not to be swept away in the tsunami of fear but to stand your ground, higher ground.

Wrestling is not a guarantee, I wrestled three times and three times we dug into the earth and buried our precious ones … but … I would rather you and I be in a place of health right from the start than to allow fear free reign.

Choose to walk away from the mirror everyday





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