So I’m walking along to our local library in my high wedged heels on a sunny day.  That seems pretty normal … except that I don’t wear my high wedged heels very often … at all.

I’m feeling a bit spesh (special in kiwi talk) in my flash shoes, when, almost on cue (as I walk past kids and parents at the adjacent park) the dreaded happens.  My wedged heel betrays my ankle.  And there I am in my glory, still upright (although not so upright on the inside!) with a split-second to decide how I’m going to handle this sudden change in circumstances.

So I do what most would … I straighten up and limp up the stairs to the library with head held high not daring to even peek over at the small audience at the park.

This isn’t the usual blog content I guess but it’s something that bought a smile to my face and made me think.  Why are some of the funniest things on youtube the collection of ‘fails’.  The human race is a peculiar species – we seem to really enjoy it when other people are undone, when our perfect condition comes crashing down.

Maybe it’s more of a comfort than we think.  None of us are perfect, and our ‘fail’ moments remind us of that.

So here’s to me and here’s to you and all our little quirks and imperfections!

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