Tiramisu … again

Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving because it was our boys birthday, and once again the annual Tiramisu was made.


I put a notice in the newspaper each year, it’s something that brings me comfort and makes me smile.

Benjamin Mark Talene BOYD

BOYD, Benjamin Mark Talene. Born 06-08-2013 Happy 2nd Birthday Son, we all miss you, see you at home soon. Love Mum, Dad, Charis and Jacob
Published in The New Zealand Herald on Aug. 6, 2015
I really enjoyed preparing for Thanksgiving yesterday.  I made eggnog, mulled wine, a roast chicken with stuffing, mashed potato and roasted veg, gravy, roasted brussell sprouts with sauce and cranberries and almonds and there were carrots and parsnips – a grand old feast.
Our family each gave thanks for something that they appreciated in life and we feasted and enjoyed everything.
Life has a way of continuing regardless of what significance a day holds.  The world does not pause to say ‘we know this day isn’t easy so I will take it easy on you’ … life goes on.
So this years dramas were … our student throwing up and being ill all day and missing school, our toilet being cracked and buying another one only to discover we had bought the wrong one, I had a really bad tummy after dinner which wasn’t nice and then woke this morning to discover that my daughter had a healthy population of nits in her hair.
What do you do?
Smile.  Laugh.  Don’t lose your peace.
I’ve decided that I’m going to start recording what happens each year on Benjamin’s birthday because it’s worth writing down … there’s some hilarious stuff.
I had my moments, collecting flowers from our property and placing them next to his memorial stone with tears but with joy at the same time.  I miss our little hudsucker and his brother and sister who are having the best time in heaven waiting for us to get there, but I know there’s a day coming that won’t ever end, where we get to talk and cuddle and rejoice forever.
I ate Tiramisu for breakfast this morning, and smiled.
What a crazy tradition we’ve started but deep down everyone’s a little bit crazy.  We have chosen the path of Thanksgiving on our boy’s birthday – a day that was filled with such intense emotion two years ago.  Thanksgiving is sweet – we take stock of what we have and what we are yet to have and we choose to say Thank You to the Giver of life.


  1. Jules says

    Hey beautiful! Firstly all praise to God for the blessing of Benjamin who lives in our hearts forever. Secondly love the name of the blog…I didn’t even know it was you I was just intrigued by the name. It’s always a day met with the strangest mixture of sadness and joy; wondering what our heavenly children would be like. And the hard case things that happen are probably his way of saying “have a laugh mummy & daddy, I’m enjoying my own piece of cake up here, sitting on my cloud giggling at the chaos down there”. I reckon he would have been cheeky like Jacob…anyway we love you and continue to pray for you also. Keep writing! Love you heaps Jules xxx (and my three kids – two daughters and one adult son haha)

  2. Cindy says

    ..love your thoughts Andrea,and today it reminded me of our loved one in heaven..life gets busy,I forget and then I am reminded again… life is full of happy/sad moments often all in one day!I love your thanksgiving idea xxx

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