I hope you and your households had a great celebration of Christmas on the 25th. I was mindful on the day, of a couple of families who had recent losses in the lead up to December, families left without.

We had a great celebration, a simple and memorable marking of the season. We had great food, gorgeous weather, afternoon naps (for some … all adults except me!), presents, laughs, treats and love – all wrapped up on a Christmas day. One of my most memorable gifts on the day was having a lily open, we had three Christmas lilies planted beginning of the year and we were watching them every day before.

My sister and niece, here by our side, celebrating life in itself – so precious, especially after major ops and a fourth dose of chemotherapy.

I found myself thankful for so much, and making many entries in my thanksgiving journal. Thankful for all the small things that make up the big things. We are enjoying going to Bethells beach in the cool evenings, walking around the Peninsula walkways, train rides and running under the hose getting all wet and refreshed, chalk art, our own Queen Elsa, lots of vino, lots of yummy food and vitamin D, pohutakawa and their red evidence on footpaths.

Wherever you are in the world this festive season, I hope you are able to celebrate, even in the midst of sore hearts. May your hearts be lifted by the simple things and the simple joy they bring.








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