I have had a plan for over a year now to get a tattoo somewhere on my body to be a living memorial reflecting what’s on the inside on the outside.

Today was the day.  With support from my besty and her mega cute offspring we met up at the location.

The guy who did the tattoo was not only very adept at his craft but very funny with a dry wit.  He asked me if I was nervous, I told him that anything after giving birth should be a cinch to which he replied – a tattoo on the foot I’ve heard is much worse … awkward half smile and a few seconds of silence.  He started constructing his inking apparatus, and yes my eyes did widen slightly as the apparatus seemed to have many parts and looked quite intimidating.


He did a great job and I was really impressed with the outcome.  What did I have inked?  Just one word … Beautiful.  That best sums up my three kids that I’m yet to talk with.


He gives beauty for ashes, and as I walk around with this living memorial on my right foot I will always remember that exchange.  My sons ashes becoming beauty in His hands.

Here’s a time-lapse of the event, it’s a good thing it moves really fast otherwise you would be able to detect the grimacing on my face lol!  Many thanks to Mrs and Miss Price for lead supporting roles!


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