I don’t think anyone has escaped the news this week of the loss of life in Sydney after a hostage situation and today, revelations of 132 children and 9 teachers slaughtered in Pakistan.

Our world seems to have lost a sense of life honour, when the selfish acts of a few take the lives of others.

What do we do?  What can we do?

Fear – it’s the residue of these acts and if we aren’t careful this residue can seep into our souls and restrict our lives and subconsciously have us choose to live small, to live in fear.

For me, and for what it’s worth, these bloody tragedies don’t fill me with fear but with a determination to celebrate life and to attempt to live fully.  Christmas is only next week, and for many hundreds of people this Christmas will be like trying to dance in quicksand, but for our small corner of the world, in our home, we will celebrate all that is worth celebrating and rejoice and put our small light out there into the darkness.

Perfect love casts out all fear.

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