I’ve been reading a few books lately about the science of the brain and how it has been discovered that rather than our brains being hard wired it actually has a fascinating capacity called ‘neuroplacisity’ that allows the brain to continually develop and change. The change being what we think and the literal state of our minds.


After Benjamin I have struggled with my thought life. This neuro highway that I unwittingly allowed to form in the network went something like this …


‘Who next?’


‘I better enjoy each day with my kids because I don’t know how long I’ll have them for’


And on the days when my husband was a little late home from work, or the kids were staying with their grandparents overnight or away for the weekend this little dark highway that I had created kicked in with a vengeance.


‘What if? …’


There were times when the thoughts were so detailed that I could literally see the funeral service playing out.


That’s not healthy, but it has been my reality for nearly three years now.


I’m writing today to encourage anyone else out there who may be struggling with the same area in your thought life.


The great news is it doesn’t have to be like this. We have been created with an incredible ability to redirect and transform our thoughts simply by choosing what we allow to come into the front door of our minds. I am very grateful and I’ve started to shut down this unwanted highway and transform my mind.


I know logic would say that because of what happened my response is understandable, but I don’t want to listen to what logic says, I want to listen to what Hope says. Hope says, there is a way to not remain Frozen anymore, there is a way to thaw out and disempower fear and to walk free on a beautiful path as I enjoy life.


It takes a bit of work but the alternative isn’t that great.


I’m getting to walk the beautiful path a bit more each day and I can tell you the view is a whole lot better.


Here’s the details of the book I’m reading if you’re interested.


Book Title: Switch On Your Brain

Dr Caroline Leaf






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