It’s an almost daily ritual … dropping the kids off at kindy and then school.  And each morning it’s the same.  Mum’s and dads and kids all bustling to the same location points, through the same traffic, in the same weather.

It’s a ritual that plays out, day after day.  The salutations are the same.  It’s almost by rote that we greet each other with a ‘Hi’ or ‘Good Morning’ followed by the inevitable ‘How are you?’ replied by the fully anticipated ‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m well’ or … ‘Fine’.

Got me thinking this morning as I played my role convincingly in the production, it’s almost like we put on this charade that even though we may have been yelling at the kids at home, all of a sudden we appear (on the outside anyway) … fine.  We may have been close to tears after a few nights of disrupted sleep or unexpected bad news but we continue to play our part.

Most of the time we want everything to be calm and happy, it’s like it’s a natural default, they way things should be.  And when they aren’t, it’s like a ripple effect in water … and all of a sudden we are called out of our comfort zones, and we have choices to make.   We can step around the ‘mess’ much like a broken egg on the kitchen floor, hoping someone else will clean it up, or we can carry on in our role smiling through our discomfort that someone’s calm is now undone revealing the ache underneath, or we can come out from behind the facade and ask the question … for real.

‘How are you?’

It is most probable that we won’t have the answer for the reply, but we’re not meant to.

This afternoon as I picked up my son from kindy I noticed a few looks from some of the parents, not bad looks, just, looks.  It wasn’t until we were heading to the car that I realised I had my top on inside out!  I had been swimming in the morning and got changed at the pools … exposed tags and all!

But that’s it you see.

Inside Out

Not suggesting for a moment that we bear the depths of our souls to all, but it wouldn’t hurt on occasion to speak from the Inside Out.


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