In a few days our family from America will make the huge journey to NZ, and we are excited.  I haven’t seen my sister (in-heart) for nearly 5 years, and the last time I saw my niece Essie she was 10 months old and now almost six. Many, many, many years ago there was a […]


Births – Deaths – Marriages The only thing missing is taxes! We have been witness to all three over the last 5 weeks. On Saturday, we attended a stunning wedding of two young people who have their futures ahead of them.  A wedding is such a time of celebration, hope, love and optimism. The sun […]

Sweet Nothings

At bedtime tonight … Jacob: Mummy I want to tell you a secret Me: You want to tell me a secret? Jacob: Yes … Me: OK then, I’m listening, tell me your secret (my head is close to his, he smiles and looks straight into my eyes) Jacob: Giraffe (big smile) Charis: (two seconds later) […]