Same but different

I’ve been thinking for a little bit that I wanted to write something about miscarriage and stillbirth and what differences I’ve discovered. So the first baby we lost was a day before the 12 week mark, I had to call our private OB that we hadn’t even met yet as our appointment was later in the week.  The […]


I have had a plan for over a year now to get a tattoo somewhere on my body to be a living memorial reflecting what’s on the inside on the outside. Today was the day.  With support from my besty and her mega cute offspring we met up at the location. The guy who did the tattoo was not only […]


I miss that a lot.  Using his name.  When Charis and Jacob were born their names were on everything, hospital charts, baby announcement cards, plunket books, texts, emails, cards, forms.  Their names were spoken daily and often. What’s her name? What’s his name? Benjamin’s name is on a few sympathy cards, a birth certificate, a painted […]