I’ve been reading a few books lately about the science of the brain and how it has been discovered that rather than our brains being hard wired it actually has a fascinating capacity called ‘neuroplacisity’ that allows the brain to continually develop and change. The change being what we think and the literal state of our minds. […]

Tiramisu … again

Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving because it was our boys birthday, and once again the annual Tiramisu was made. I put a notice in the newspaper each year, it’s something that brings me comfort and makes me smile. Benjamin Mark Talene BOYD BOYD, Benjamin Mark Talene. Born 06-08-2013 Happy 2nd Birthday Son, we all miss […]


It’s an almost daily ritual … dropping the kids off at kindy and then school.  And each morning it’s the same.  Mum’s and dads and kids all bustling to the same location points, through the same traffic, in the same weather. It’s a ritual that plays out, day after day.  The salutations are the same. […]


So I’m walking along to our local library in my high wedged heels on a sunny day.  That seems pretty normal … except that I don’t wear my high wedged heels very often … at all. I’m feeling a bit spesh (special in kiwi talk) in my flash shoes, when, almost on cue (as I […]